Monday, December 26, 2011

International Meghvansh Council

We feel glad to announce through prominent Press Club of Jaipur that after our decades endevour and consultation with each other we have become able to announce the formation and establishment of and International Meghvansh Council. Shri Gopal Denwal, National President, Rastriya Meghvance Mahasabha (India) would be the president and Arjun Das Advocate, Chairman Pakistan Mehwar Council would be the Secretary General of this council.

Shri Denwal and Arjundas further stated that there are about 20% Meghwancies in India who are living miserable lives, as such about 2 million Meghvansh are residing in Pakistan, so as about 15-16 lac Meghvansh in Bangladesh, 10-11lac in Nepal, 8-9 lac in Bhutan and in lacs in no. Meghvansh people are residing in various countries of this world, who being not in touch and contacts with each other are living two miserable and pitiable lives.

Today it is known to all, if any Sikh person would feel himself uneasy. The entire Sikh community throughout world would raise their voice in his support till the relief is provided to him. So we would like to bring our Meghvansh people of this world under a united shade of International Meghvansh Council. They further stated that this council would take efforts for the safe guard of fundamental rights of Meghvansh people, so also the council would work for getting redressal of atrocities confronting to Meghvansh people throughout the countries where ever they are putting up, through U.N.O.

The IMC Secretary General Arjundas Advocated has stated that he has come here to invite the Bhartiya Meghvansh Mahasabha to come Pakistan and now we have decided to arrange a seminar of International Meghvansh Council in Pakistan with mutual efforts, for which we have made our contacts with the organizations of Meghvansh people working in the numerous countries of this world.

(Arjun Das, Advocate)
Secretary General
International Meghvansh Council
(This information is via Face Book)

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